Brixton - A digital platform for a new generation of freethinkers

  Since the beginning, Brixton as a clothing brand has stood for history’s freethinkers—confident in who they are but curious about the world around them

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They’re not white-collar and they’re not blue-collar. They’re new-collar, and it’s the way they live, look, and show up that makes them proper. To amplify and outfit these individuals, we helped recruit the next generation of Brixton customers through a fully integrated campaign.

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Brixton campaign

As a means of encapsulating the “Done Proper” mindset, we looked to different influencers to be ambassadors of this lifestyle. The brand wanted to reach markets in different regions, so it was imperative that we selected people that represented not only different countries but different styles and attitudes.

We worked with the Brixton team to curate a list of freethinkers and eclectic style icons from all over the globe, including Kenny Anderson, Dolan Stearns, Donta Hill, Nuria Val, Julian Klincewicz, and Benjamin Booker. More than just photographers, models, and skaters, they’re multifaceted individuals with interesting stories to share.

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Bringing the brand to life from in-store to digital

To reach this new-collar class, we had to meet them where they were. So, we promoted our collection on three fronts: social media, web, and in-store. Across these different touchpoints, we leaned into a vintage art direction to evoke a sense of timelessness while striking a balance between sophistication and grit. Inspired by the individuality of the new-collar class, we utilized a serif typeface, analog textures, handwritten copy, and nostalgic photography.

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