PRIME is a marketing & digital design agency offering eCommerce, website, marketing strategy development, and user experience.

We are strategic creativity agency that connects business with it's audience through experience, that is easy to understand & impossible to ignore™

As a strategic partner, we increase conversions, create marketing campaigns, added-value, interactive tools, and eCommerce flagships that resonate with the consumer in a dynamic business environment.

What we do

We imagine, project and create digital experiences and marketing campaigns for companies and people with ambitions


eCommerce Design & Strategy

eCommerce Flagship isn't just platform or isolated strategy; It's a key expression of your business with potential to unify your business with your consumer.


Website, App, UI/UX

User Experience is more than just a design capability; It is a strategic offering, that brings together insights, customer behavior, business and consumer objectives, technology, and creative vision.


Marketing Campaign, PR

A creative campaign is what elevates business popularity and generates leads. In the world that is digitaly-led, strategies that connect business with audiences have never been more important.



When we collaborate with a business, we help them create it's story. To express the story, we craft branded content that resonates with audience.