Insights | Read Time - 5 Min Updated 16.06.2019

How we re-invented our agency to expand our clients' capabilities

PRIME CEO, Daniel G., takes a deep look at what we're doing as an agency to help solve our clients’ business problems

Now so more than ever, brands have been asking our agency to help them manage all of the various ways they are reaching and interacting with their consumers... Because of this, we had to take a deep look at what we're doing as an agency and ultimately what we can do to better serve our clients.

As we revisited the question of who we are, what we do, and what we're known for… we realized that we've been positioned as an agency you can turn to for great creative. This positioning is true… but this is really only a small portion of what we offer. What we really offer is strategy that gets executed creatively. This evolution has occurred because clients need more from us than creative. They need insights. They need innovation. They need to identify new opportunities and they need to seize those opportunities. They need to understand the reasoning behind the approach so they can get behind the approach… What they really need is a partner that can manage both the strategic and the creative aspects of their brand. Someone that understands their brand, their consumer and what it will take to connect the two.

So, were realigning and redefining our positioning to ensure we're seen as a strategic partner for our clients. A partner that uses strategy to drive creative and educate business decisions. Thats our positioning… a positioning based around our new model - a model and a methodology we're calling Systems & Stories™

Systems & Stories™ is based on our internal ideology that a brand is a complex framework of touch-points, touch-points that are integrated and connected with each other. When these touch-points are working cohesively, they create an ecosystem that is brought to life through a common narrative or story. This story is based on a brands positioning and promise. If the positioning and promise is based on strategic objectives and consumer insights… then the brand stands a much greater chance of connecting with their consumers and developing brand preference. (That was a lot... I know.)

I would love to hear your thoughts on Systems & Stories™ as well as what you feel agencies should be doing to better serve their clients. I really feel that this positioning shift is going to equate in some great things for our clients and I will continue to share my thinking and the process as we go about this journey...

(About) PRIME™ Creative

PRIME™ Creative is a brand strategy and digital design agency that brings brands and culture together. With a belief that culture drives commerce, PRIME leverages shared values and ideals to inform strategy and design, creating experiences that inspire life and inspire action. With a growing client list, PRIME specializes in insights, strategy-driven and design-led company development, and digital innovation / user experience.