UI / UX Design, Experience Strategy, eCommerce Website Design

A new eCommerce website built to bring the brand and its products to the creative community


Volcom is a lifestyle brand that emerged out of Southern California’s surf and skate scene in the early ‘90s. Since its inception, it has focused on channeling creativity through art, music, films, athletics, and clothing.

However, with a lack of wholesale and traditional retail opportunities in recent years, a focus on direct-to-consumer was necessary in order to expand the brand’s reach to new audiences.


As a brand historically associated with the declining action sports industry, our goal was to create a revamped design system and shopping experience aimed at inspiring a broader audience. We worked closely with its internal brand and eCommerce teams to develop a rejuvenated visual system that focuses on paying tribute to its rich creative heritage.

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Rooting the experience in visual discovery

We wanted to create a guided site experience that was more visual and lifestyle-focused. After mapping the experience data and reviewing analytics, our insights urged us to treat category pages as homepages. Doing so helped provide more context and brand merchandising for the user during their shopping journey.

Celebrating Volcom’s creative DNA

We wanted to highlight Volcom’s creative personality and commitment to individual expression. These two aspects were critical to building a brand experience that united product and content. Heavily rooted in Volcom’s progressive, artistic roots, the graphic-heavy visual language utilizes bold textures, handcrafted details, dynamic image compositions, and organic module structures to create an environment that celebrates individuality and authenticity.

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