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eCommerce flagship inspiring visitors to cook in new way

The power of strategies. Market Dominance

The new site surfaces content as it relates to the user’s intent. It’s an intuitive and rewarding experience, delivering accurate offerings that drive commerce. Tandoor represents practicality and reliability, sharing new cooking gadgets that stands up to surprise owners and their guests. Our digital experience is suitably on brand, matching our key message here at PRIME Creative - to make the complex, simple.

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Product presentation

Focusing on the simplicity and vividness of product communication, we've created a language that captivates and engages, telling the Visitor about the products and, by prompting textually and visually, inspiring them to buy, making the process as short and simple as possible, from the first touch to the completion of the customer journey.

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Prime creative marketing agency case study tandoor product page

The art of offering

Improving user experience, behavioral factor and customer journey is something you can see in every element of Tandoor. We've given room in the design system for spectacular moments, and created a design language based on simplicity that improves the presentation of products and content.

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Brand & product storytelling

Through a visual and modular framework, we show users the history of tandoor oven, its cultural characteristics and the brand values. Our eCommerce experience is the latest Tandoor chapter that brings its brand story forward, building on its strong heritage.

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