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An eCommerce experience as crafted as their products

A new digital home for Portera

Portera is best known for it’s thoughtful products that embody design vision and craftsmanship. Since their founding in 2013, they operate their original studio in Riga, and have expanded their retail capabilities multi-country. Their retail showrooms in Riga offer a collection of beautiful, high-quality textile goods of all types that bring colors, mood and comfort to family's homes.  

As a tomorrow-thinking studio with a strong grasp of that the they do and what they stand for, our challenge was to simplify and clarify their digital experience platform, and to elevate customer eCommerce experience, shorten and ease way to buy.

An eCommerce system designed for today as well as tomorrow

With 37% of Portera's site traffic coming from mobile, we established a responsive site framework focused on mobile-first design and research-proven navigation. The new eCommerce experience elevates the studio's digital presence, and guides users to revamped product detail pages, through a streamlined site architecture.

Portera Interior Studio eCommerce Mobile Design

Evolving the design language to better reflect studio idea

As we approached our redesign, we started with their existing design language and built improvements around it. Essentially, to keep pushing what had been working to better reflect the vision of studio Portera.

Audience-targeting is something that you can see in everything at Portera. We provided space within the design system for these sight moments to come through, and established a design language rooted in simplicity that brings products and content front and center.

Portera Interior Studio eCommerce Homepage Design

Elevating product presentation

What does it mean to focus on the customer experience of eCommerce? One contributing factor is how we present the product throughout the user journey from browsing to purchase. The eCommerce product listing pages and product detail pages are designed to provide context and motivation through original content.

Portera Interior Studio eCommerce PLP and PDP Design

Using content to inspire throughout the customer journey

Each textile type in the Portera showroom has a uniqueness that speaks to the level of care and craftsmanship used to design or showcase goods. The new experience uses very intentional content site wide to inspire and pull customers through the shopping funnel.

Portera Interior Studio eCommerce Design