Tips + Takeaways: Approaching Branded Content

Insights Posted on — 03.06.2018

Tips + Takeaways: Delivering branded content

PRIME Creative Director, Daniel G., provides 3 insightful tips on how companies should approach branded content

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In a world where content drives conversation, it’s important to come correct when creating branded content. Now, more than ever, media is accessible at the palm of our hands with purchase decisions being made with the tap of a finger. However, most businesses are still struggling to understand how to concept, create, and share media that matters.

Brands that are able to approach branded content in the correct way, sell more goods or services to their audience while building brand equity. By approaching content creation in a holistic way, companies that follow these three steps will be more likely to influence long-term brand value - increasing brand awareness, driving market share, and making purchase decisions easier for consumers.

Here are three guides to approaching branded content:

Create in Context: Understand the situation in which someone is interacting with your brand and create relevant content for your audience.

Add Value: When it comes to great content, it’s all about giving back to the end user by connecting with them in an indirect way - provide value before pushing a transaction.

Authenticity: Understand who you are and why you exist. From there you can begin to create stories, content, and information that tie into your brands’ mission.

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