About Us

About Us

A design agency built to help businesses succeed in digital culture

We make the complex, simple

PRIME™ is an independent experience design & marketing company working at the intersection of culture, design, and technology. We named our agency PRIME because to us, the best businesses are simple ones. Businesses thrive on their ability to be understood. People do too. 

The businesses we help and the experiences we create live at the intersection of clarity and surprise, and are positioned to matter in culture through shared values and ideals. Simplicity done right is what connects a business with its audience, widens popularity, and drives our making, every single day.

A multi-disciplinary team of creators

Prime is a multi-disciplinary team of individuals who come together with a focused mission: to create.

What we do and why we hustle comes from within. With our shared principles in place, we create without fear in an atmosphere that facilitates the greatest work for the greatest clients. Ambition. Talent. Love. Creativity. Passion.
Call it what you want. We call it PRIME. 

Theese companies aren't trophies. They are friends we've met during our journey

We partnered with BiXenon, to enhance digital stratedy and elevate user experience for Euroscooter. Explore Case Study.

Collaboratively with Monterossso, we project and craft new strategy direction, PR & digital design language to make their Guests feel new experience.

Our new approach to Portera’s growing reputation has never wasted any second, turning them into a digital leader in-class. Explore Case Study.

We develop e-commerce strategy, UX / UI design and content strategy for the new Malkas Pasaule website.
Launching in 2020.

Our UI / UX platform reflects the values of the Meyer Alliance and, through the design language and storytelling, helps transforming Visitor into a Consumer.
Explore Case Study.

With Fruit of the Loom, we are developing brand, communication and design strategy for the 2018 Russell Athletic website.